Monday, April 22, 2013

T'was the night before Chemo

     T'was  the  night  before  Chemo.....  Well  I  cant say no one is stirring, seems to be all we
we are doing.  Even Louie seems antsy.  This afternoon we were off to see the oncologist.
My mother has been diagnosed with Colon and Breast Cancer .. Both Primary.  3 weeks
ago she had her colon surgery.  A week ago her trusty mediport was put in and tomorrow
she starts her first IV Chemo. 
    Its weird the things that end up be good news thru all of this .... First it was Cancer and all
the tests to find out where... Then it was Breast Cancer and her lungs and other test are all
coming back clear, so feeling hopeful.... Then its Colon Cancer , and my heart breaks 
thinking it has traveled thru her body, Nope both are primary... She just happens to have
Cancer in two places,  welcome back HOPE! Today we go to her appt  and hear that it came
back It was stage III  .... HOPE  where have ya gone  and then we hear both ends came back
negative and only 2 out of the 14 nodes had been infected at the tumor sight ... There's Hope
again.  Since my mom was an oncology nurse 10 years ago, and use to
run Chemo we were sure that we would be there quite a bit... Thankfully so much has
changed since then! Come to find out she will only be going once every 3rd week. Hope is alive and well in Louisiana so if you happen to notice your watch  phone and its between 8am-noon we are also accepting all good vibrations and tender thoughts!!!

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  1. What a wonderful post. You are the best cheering team ever!