Monday, June 4, 2012

"Bella Vita"

This morning my Cheesecake woke and smiled with her angelic lil face. After making her breakfast and setting up her tray. I carried it into my princess while she lay in bed. I went thru the special delivery ritual, while she situates herself. She looks thru her full lashes and asked "So, what are we doing fun today?" With a full list of stuff I needed to get done, I tried to come up with something that we can both be doing to get thru our day with no crying, usually me.
Tea Party is always a big hit. So the wheels were set in motion. First thing the house needed cleaning, my list of stuff to do, you cant have a respectable tea party if your parlor is full of clean laundry to put away. So as I prepared the house Cheesecake sat at the kitchen table making a crown to wear for the tea party. Her art stuff spread all over the table. I spend a good portion of my time helping her make cutouts to paste on her crown. Still trying to clean, she is ready for her next project...

Normally we have little finger sandwiches with no crust but of course we are out of bread.. So hurry think I say to myself Cookies we could make cookies. Nope no eggs.. I'm starting to feel flustered then I remember I have a great homemade donut recipe. So we start putting it together. I now have another load of dishes to do chocolate glaze to clean off the floor from the occasional drip. A floor I had already mopped.. Chocolate Glazed Donuts are on her tea tray stacked so neatly. Of course the princess is covered in chocolate. So off to the bath to clean her up and wash her hair. Her very long hair attached to her very tender head which can make grooming her a task on its own.

Sitting across from her, we sip Jasmine Tea and nibble on our donuts. Though today was spent cleaning mess after mess... Her little face all smiles, making memories. I couldn't help but think about poor Caylee Anthony, born only a couple months before my Cheesecake. How could you be so callous Casey...How could you just discard such a "Bella Vita"!

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